Sontakke Global Music Festival – 2013

Recently, I’ve had the privilege of being the official photographer for the Sontakke Global Music Festival – 2013 held in Bangalore between the 15 and 25th of December. It was organized by Pt. Prakash Sontakke – a renowned slide-guitarist – in honour of his parents Drs. RB Sontakke and Mani Sontakke – who also were renowned musicians and musicologists. The festival comprised a series of concerts exploring various forms of music such as Indian Classical, Jazz, Fusion, and other experimental forms as well as Indian dance.

Watching so many musicians play, and spending time with them was indeed a dream come true!

Iain 6 copy 3 copy Saarang4 copy Saarang1 copy SGMF3_B&W Kullur


Bent Pixels

Some time last year, I came across this little plug-in for Photoshop, called Pixelbender. It was a mind-bender of sorts for me. I, of course, got hooked to the oil-paint filter. I’m also mad about mixed-media artworks. So, the result was the set of images at the bottom of this post.

First, I melted crayons on a sheet of white paper. This is what it looked like:


I then added the oil-paint filter and played around with saturation, color balance, and curves to get these crazy results.

Bent3 copy

Bent2 copy 

Bent1 copy

Trippy eh?

Serious hobbyist photographer and digital artist

I’m a serious hobbyist photographer and a digital artist. I love my title. It sure did take a while to create it though.


I kicked off my trip with a used Nikon F55 and then a Nikon F80 and became a hobbyist photographer. I went digital with the Nikon D80 and Photoshop Elements 9. I got a little serious with photography when I started shooting concerts in 2011. By then I realized I’m thoroughly enjoying the heady cocktail of music and photography. In 2012 I became so damn serious about photography that I hosted my first solo exhibition. Around the same time, I started dabbling in a spot of digital art using Photoshop and Illustrator. It was an epiphany of sorts – it opened a lot of possibilities – repeating patterns, insane color schemes, photo manipulations, mixed media, and the list goes on. Then I realized, I could create everything from a soulful sunset scene to a painting dredged up from the depths of psychedelia!

Skull_Redux copy

Aside of all this, I romance physics, philosophy, psychology, psychedelic and progressive music, and paintings of the impressionist masters.

That’s a slice of me!