Dream Guitar Contest

Dream Guitar

Some of my custom designs for the iconic Les Paul guitar for a contest by Gibson India. Which one do you like?


A Study in Silence

Most of my creative inspiration comes from the literature I read, the music I listen to, and the great works of the masters of art. At this point, I’d like to relate a story I read: Once upon a time, a student asked his (Self-realized) master, ‘What is the First Principle’? The master said nothing. The student asked a second time. Stony silence followed. When the student asked a third time, the master said, ‘If I told you what the First Principle was it would become the second principle.’ At this point, the student realizes the first principle and, of course, becomes Self-realized himself. Taking cue from this story, sometime around September/October 2012, I decided to curate a series of my images with this theme, and exhibit them. What follows is a series I called ‘A Study in Silence’ which went on exhibition in Bangalore on the 20th and 21st of October 2012.

A Study in Silence Sticks Tea II Still Time III Contemplation-print Shells Tea I Still Time II Still Time I Lets Talk Too Much Tequila Gold Gift of Faith Urchin Zen

Enjoy the Silence.