Liberation – breaking the bonds of the body, mind and soul, away from the material world, and merging with the ultimate Existence – is often considered the ultimate objective of all existence. Living beings die to be born again to come one step closer to this very goal. The Vedantic route to Liberation is the knowledge of Brahman, which is also the knowledge of the Self – for the Self verily is Brahman. In this series of images, I tried to explore this concept with birds flying out of random scenarios all heading into the great unknown.




Fly copy

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Hovering Over Port Louis

Imagine the air were dense enough to support the behemoths of the oceans; or the behemoths were light enough to fly! So, I went on to translate this crazy vision and make this image of a whale checking out a city (and another peeping out of the ocean). I entered the Open Competition of the Sony World Photography Awards with this image and it has been selected as one of the 50 commended images in the Enhanced section! You can check out the image here too!

Hovering over Port Louis