Bent Pixels – Continued

Around 2011 – 12, I started working with the oil-paint effect filter in Pixelbender for Photoshop. Basically, these images started out as photographs; I would then put them through the oil paint filter to create a wavy, (nearly) oil-paint like effect. Then I would start cooking with the colours in the image – mainly inverting them and adding a touch of colour balance to create psychedelic effects. Here’s a set from that time.



Sacred Geometry

Any object around us, natural or not, can be broken down into fundamental geometric shapes – points, lines, triangles, and other higher polygons, and eventually, circles. These geometric shapes are the fundamental underlying principle which enables us to measure areas and volumes of objects. In this series of images, I have studied various shapes and tried to break them down and reconstruct them using nothing but basic geometric shapes using vector graphics. The colours are all proprietary; I have sampled them from personal stock images.