Musings: Interview With Vamsi Krishna

Sincere thanks to Cupick for featuring me! Here’s my interview. Projekt

Self-taught artist Vamsi Krishna’s impeccably composed abstract representations of the organic, are unusually evocative of the symmetry and chaos he wishes to portray simultaneously. It his careful consideration of detail, that brings his geometric portraits to life.

Vamsi is currently based in Bangalore, where he works as a full time UI/UX designer. We caught up with him recently for a little chat.


We’re glad we could finally get to this chat, welcome- Vamsi! Tell us a bit about yourself.

First off, thanks for considering me for this interview. I sincerely appreciate it.

I think of myself a free-style digital artist and photographer, mad about geometric art, progressive music, and black coffee. I do a fulltime job as a UI/UX designer in Bangalore. Mysore is the place I call home.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering however I took my hobby so seriously that I’m now earning a salary…

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