All my Love

This lovely song by Led Zeppelin off ‘In Through the Out Door’ had been playing in my head all week and I thought, why not compose a piece of still life against this mental backdrop.

Enjoy the music…All my Love

Should I fall out of love, my fire in the light
To chase a feather in the wind
Within the glow that weaves a cloak of delight
There moves a thread that has no end.

For many hours and days that pass ever soon
the tides have caused the flame to dim
At last the arm is straight, the hand to the loom
Is this to end or just begin?

All of my love, all of my love, All of my love to you.

The cup is raised, the toast is made yet again
One voice is clear above the din
Proud Aryan one word, my will to sustain
For me, the cloth once more to spin

All of my love, all of my love, All of my love to you.

Yours is the cloth, mine is the hand that sews time
his is the force that lies within
Ours is the fire, all the warmth we can find
He is a feather in the wind

All of my love, all of my love, All of my love to you.

A Study in Silence

Most of my creative inspiration comes from the literature I read, the music I listen to, and the great works of the masters of art. At this point, I’d like to relate a story I read: Once upon a time, a student asked his (Self-realized) master, ‘What is the First Principle’? The master said nothing. The student asked a second time. Stony silence followed. When the student asked a third time, the master said, ‘If I told you what the First Principle was it would become the second principle.’ At this point, the student realizes the first principle and, of course, becomes Self-realized himself. Taking cue from this story, sometime around September/October 2012, I decided to curate a series of my images with this theme, and exhibit them. What follows is a series I called ‘A Study in Silence’ which went on exhibition in Bangalore on the 20th and 21st of October 2012.

A Study in Silence Sticks Tea II Still Time III Contemplation-print Shells Tea I Still Time II Still Time I Lets Talk Too Much Tequila Gold Gift of Faith Urchin Zen

Enjoy the Silence.

Sontakke Global Music Festival – 2013

Recently, I’ve had the privilege of being the official photographer for the Sontakke Global Music Festival – 2013 held in Bangalore between the 15 and 25th of December. It was organized by Pt. Prakash Sontakke – a renowned slide-guitarist – in honour of his parents Drs. RB Sontakke and Mani Sontakke – who also were renowned musicians and musicologists. The festival comprised a series of concerts exploring various forms of music such as Indian Classical, Jazz, Fusion, and other experimental forms as well as Indian dance.

Watching so many musicians play, and spending time with them was indeed a dream come true!

Iain 6 copy 3 copy Saarang4 copy Saarang1 copy SGMF3_B&W Kullur